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Now that's quick!

When you're having building work completed on your home, it can seem to take forever! In reality, a lot happens in a very short space of time. Whilst this video doesn't capture all the work going inside this property, you can still see a noticeable difference very quickly on the outside.


It's been a busy week for TED!

Wow, what a difference a week makes. We are currently working on an extension in Felpham, Bognor Regis, and every week, we've seen huge changes throughout the week. This build is coming along so nicely, we are likely to be finished next week! So, what have we been up to? It's been...

Oscar the dog eating cake

Birthday Fun for Oscar!

That's right, it was our very own Oscar's birthday at the weekend and what better way to celebrate than with doggy birthday cake! Those of you who know Oscar will know that this next part is something truly special...... he shared his birthday cake!!! Can you believe it, a Labrador sharing food! Safe to say this...


We've been through the mill....

Did you know that Checkatrade members have to go through extensive vetting checks and pass several requirements to become members? You do now! Here at TED Construction, reputation is what really matters to us so we are extremely proud to say that we have passed all of these tests and we are fully fledged Checkatrade members. This means that all...