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How much do you charge for a home visit and/ or quote?

Absolutely nothing!  All of our appointments and home visits are completely free of charge, even if you would like more than one!  We absolutely want to make sure that everyone we see feels that they have all the information and reassurance that they need, even if they decide not to go ahead with any works.

How quickly will I receive my quote after your visit?

We aim to provide all quotes within 1-2 weeks.

Can I do some of the work myself to save some money?

Of course!  Many clients request to complete some minor items themselves to save money (painting for example).  In some cases however, we will be unable to offer a guarantee unless the works are completed by us (ie foundations).  This will always be discussed with you in detail beforehand if this is an option you would like to pursue.

Can I still get advice and/ or have a visit from you if I don’t have any drawings yet?

Absolutely!  Many companies won’t carry out home visits unless you are ready to build and have your drawings ready and approved.  We on the other hand really don’t mind and we are more than happy to attend your home and offer you any advice we can- even if you are at the very beginning of your project journey!

Do I need planning permission?

This will depend on the scope and requirements of your project.  Some projects can be completed under permitted development and will not require planning, however this will depend on the specifics of your plans.  We work with a number of highly experienced local professionals who can help and offer advice in this department.

Do you offer a design and build service?

Unfortunately, we don’t offer design services ‘in house’ but we do work very closely with highly skilled and experienced local professionals who we would be happy to refer to you.  If you would prefer to choose your own architect and/ or structural engineers- that’s fine too!  We have many years of experience of working with a variety of professionals so we’re happy to work with whoever you choose!

Will you provide a contract for any building works?

Yes!  We offer contracts on all of our services, which we are happy to provide you with copies of before any works are agreed so that you can see them and read through them yourself.  We understand that the building industry is unfortunately known for ‘rogue tradesmen’ so we will do all it takes to provide you with as much reassurance and support as we can- even before any works commence!

Will you manage my project completely?

Yes!  We can conduct a project from start to finish, and manage and organise all the relevant trades for you, so you don’t have to worry about a thing.  This includes all meetings with architects and building control to ensure that you are delivered a finished, fully compliant project when we’re done.

I’ll be out at work all day- is that ok?

Absolutely, if you’re happy for us to carry on while you’re out- then it’s fine with us!  We directly employ our core team, and only use local trusted subcontractors for specialist services who we have worked with over many years, so you can rest assured we absolutely will not allow ‘strangers’ in your home.  The team have even been happy to check in on and feed any animals if needed while owners have been out.

How much does an extension cost?

This is heavily dependant on size and specification, although typically an average extension will cost around £2,500 to £3,000 per square meter. 

How can I be sure waste is being removed legally?

We always deal with all of our waste responsibly and have a full waste carriers licence.  We use skips provided by local waste companies to deal with the majority of our waste however.

Do you use subcontractors?

Yes, but we directly employ our core team, meaning they are well looked after and are provided with pensions and holiday pay etc.  We do use subcontractors for more specialised services, for example gas safe plumbers and Napit electrical installers.  The subcontractors we use for these services we have worked with for many years and are well respected members of the TED team.

What are your hours of work?

Typically, we start on site at around 8am, and work through until around 5pm although this is dependant on the task being completed.

Can I carry on living in my property while works are being carried out?

This is a personal choice although in most cases our clients do carry on living at home.  We will always try and work with you so that we cause as little disruption to your normal routine.

What if something changes, or I want to add more work?

Any changes or works outside of the original contract will always be discussed and agreed in writing before any works are carried out.  We would never complete any additional works without prior discussion and agreement with you, so there are never any surprise costs at the end of a project. 

Do you have insurance?

Yes- and lots of it!  We have £5 million of public liability insurance, as well as employers insurance.  We’ve never made a claim, and hope we never need to, but it’s there for your piece of mind and ours should anything go wrong.

How do I pay?

Once works have been agreed, we supply a contract and payment schedule for your approval before the project starts.  All of the payments are set out in clear stages and are only due when that item is complete.  Payments are made by bank transfer, unfortunately we do not accept credit card payments.