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Jason Groundsell

Joint Founder and Director

Jason is the joint Founder and Director of TED and runs all of our projects.  He is extremely hands on, and can be found on site with the rest of the team every day.  Jason also conducts all of our appointments, so if you’re looking for advice on your building project - he is the man to speak to! 

Jason has a very extensive knowledge of building, having been in the industry since before leaving school.  He is a fully qualified bricklayer by trade, but is highly experienced is all areas of building.  Some of Jason’s past experience involves working at building surveyor level whilst carrying out inspections as an intermediary for work completed by other companies, project management for large projects like the lipstick building in Portsmouth, and even as a buyer for large materials merchants!  Jason has completed more extensions and conversions than he can remember, and loves what he does.  Even with all his experience, Jason is always keen to learn new things, and likes to stay up to speed with developments and advances in building materials and techniques.

Fun Fact – Jason named the business after his dad, Ted.  Unfortunately, Jason lost his dad at a very young age and wanted to build something that would have made his dad proud.  TED Construction & Developments was created to do exactly that. 

Our favourite thing about Jason – He doesn’t take life too seriously, and he is kind beyond belief.  He is always approachable, both to his team and his clients, and nothing is ever too much trouble.  Once of his favourite phrases is ‘I don’t do problems’, so you can rest assured if Jason is working on a project and there is a ‘problem’ he will always find a way around it.  Jason leads his team with pride, positivity and importantly with respect.