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Black Labrador

Head of Security

Oscar is our Head of Security and also Jason’s best friend!  Oscar loves going to work, but unfortunately as Oscar is now blind he has taken retirement and spends most of his day sleeping.  He still loves rolling in dust, and his all time favourite thing is (and always will be!) FOOD!

Fun Fact – Being blind doesn’t stop Oscar getting around, if he goes to a new place, he can work out his surroundings in a matter of minutes.  It’s quite fascinating!

Our favourite thing about Oscar – Although he’s a little bit stubborn, he has the most loving and kind personality we’ve ever seen in any animal!  He has the kindest eyes, and even at 13 with some health issues, he has a lovely waggly tail.  He loves all people and animals, and is such a gentle soul.  He’s basically a big cuddly bear!